Guided Music Improvisation Sessions for All

Welcome! These private guided sessions in free improvisation are designed to support your unique music-making journey. I bring 26 years of expertise in coaching adults and teens to discover and develop individual creative expression — and 33 years of experience as a professional studio artist — to providing you with a space of deep listening and permission to grow your creative nature.

  • For musical novices — teens and adults are introduced to the basics of spontaneous music-making, and to the fundamentals of free improvisation in ensembles
  • For seasoned musicians — those seeking ways to develop improvisation skills are given tools to energize and grow their relationship with music-making as a whole, and to deepen expressive potential beyond the structures of traditional musical training

Bring any instrument or instruments of your choice, and/or play the piano keyboard or various beginner-level instruments (which require no previous training) that are available for you here at the studio. Sessions are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Please email for more information or to schedule a free introductory phone call to discuss your creative goals!

Guided One-on-one Session: Discovering Your Music (All Levels)
Session time: One hour
5-Session Package (save $25)
Each session time: One hour